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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It was my birthday last Monday!!! It was awesome!!! I had a cool party and chocolate cake . . . yum.
and yesterday i saw Derek at Shearers book shop. It was really cool. He answered all these questions and i got a photo of him, although its pretty crappy.

I havent blogged for ages, but thats because my internet has been down for 3 weeks. It felt much longer though . . .

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Oh My God

I'm so happy!!!!

Yesterday I got the email which said that they were offering me a place at the selective high school I wanted to go to. Yay!!! I'm so happy! But the best thing is that my best friend also got in, and we were really hoping that we would go to the same high school. Its very, very good. I feel absolutely over the moon. Actually not that happy . . .

But anyway, I may have started a new story. No hints, none at all, except that its non-skulduggery. If i write fanfic I always feel as if I wont do the character justice and stuff up the freakin' story.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I haven't blogged in a while. No time. I'm just busy. Bored. I don't really know.i haven't been writing my story either, I'm stuck. I literally started writing this story out of the top if my head and know I don't know what to write. I don't plan, I don't think, I just write. Is that bad?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So, anyway, this is carrying on from what I posted a few days ago. The chapter is called Explosion (I just decided the name then).

Mum took me home and gave me a soup, leek and potato, I think. She petted over me and finally asked the question I had been dreading.
“Wolf, what got over you? Why did you go over to the polar bear? I’m not happy and you’ll need a good explanation to get out of this one.”
I sighed and touched my cut again. It would probably leave a scar.
“Well . . . In a nutshell, Soleil dared me to go to the bear. I didn’t know she was a mother bear with hungry cubs and an empty stomach! I was just standing there, in front of her and then she moved so fast, I didn’t know what was happening. She just . . . whacked me!” Mum sighed and muttered something under her breath. I think I heard the words ‘Soleil’ and ‘damn to Hell’.

The next morning my cut felt marginally better but it was very sore and made eating difficult. I went over to my huge tree, a pine tree. It wasn’t actually mine, but I’m just about the only one who ever touches it, anyway. I climbed up the first five or six metres, monkeylike, then settled in to my favourite position: nestled in the crook of two branches. I could see the whole village from here. The view was pretty amazing.
 Anyway, I scanned the houses for anything out of the ordinary. It had become a habit to do this, though I’m not sure why. It looked all clear, just about. Except . . . except there was a group of huddled figures in dark clothes scurrying toward the base of the huge caves. I leaned forward. What were they doing? It didn’t look normal, whatever it was. I decided to investigate. I hurried down the tree and sprinted around the village and past the half-frozen river. The caves loomed up ahead of me, and I ducked behind a large rock. The dark figures were walking into the caves and I was close enough now to see they weren’t wearing the usual coats and boots, but were instead wearing long cloaks. I had no idea what this was about.
I decided to go after them. I had a vague whisper of instinct that I probably shouldn’t let them see me, so I crept up to the mouth behind rocks, scurrying quickly and quietly. As I approached it, I thought back to when I’d first come here, almost a year ago now. Dad had an excited look on his face and mum was a little unsure but fine. I had been sad, lonely and thoroughly angry with my parents. They had forced me to leave my friends everything good about life back in Sydney, which is 16000 kilometres away. 16000! And now I’m stuck I some tiny place in Greenland. I’m not even sure what the town is called, Nanortalik or something. Anyway, the whole reason we are here is because dad got a really good job offer, a one-of-a-kind sort of thing. The job was mining a newly discovered gemstone, called Aerite. It is worth millions for one square centimeter of it. I have only ever seen it once, and I was completely in awe. It was the most beautiful silvery-moon colour, and when you looked at it in a certain angle, it looked like it had a million dimensions. It was beautiful. And it was only found almost a kilometer under the sea.     
So that’s why we’re here. So my dad can mine Aerite and mum and me can be bored, do chores and congratulate dad when he finds a millimeter of Aerite. Not very fun sounding, is it? So, anyway, now I was staring up at the huge roof of the cave entrance.  The hooded figures had disappeared around a passageway, and I went into it, silent as a dead person. The passageway went on for about ten minutes then opened out into cavern quite big, the opposite walls were hidden shadow. The hooded figures were huddled in a circle around some table, I think. They were talking to each other and I could catch glimpse of what they were saying-
“Millions . . . We’re going to be . . . So beautiful . . .”
I wasn’t sure what they talking about, it was all too obscured or quiet. The figures left the cavern for a room adjoining to the cavern. Then, when they left, I saw what was on the table. About three handfuls of Aerite were heaped on a plate. The Aerite was twinkling as if it had caught the rising sun, even though the only light in here was strong UV light. They were sparkling and shining with all the beauty I remembered, if not more. But was the Aerite doing down here? They should be locked in the vault in the town hall safe. Something wasn’t right down here. I hurried back the way I came and stubbed my toe on a rock. Who cares! There was heavy feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach.

When I got home I was thoroughly out of breath. I pushed the door open and went into the kitchen to get a chocolate biscuit. I was halfway to the cupboard when I noticed mum slumped in a chair. It sounded like she was crying.
“Hey, mum, what’s wrong . . . ?” This didn’t look good. Mum looked up from her hands and her eyes were a dim blue colour, not the usual spark of cornflower blue. She took a deep breath.
“Wolf, there’s been an explosion down at the mine center. No one knows how many are dead or injured. And it was your dad’s shift when the explosion happened!” her voice cracked and tears streamed down her cheeks. I stopped. Explosion. Dad. Dead.

Good? Bad? Ugly? What do you think?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Soleil- So-lay
Iseult- Ee-sult

The polar bear roared and lifted its paw up, the claws glinting menacingly in the cold Arctic sun. I flinched but stood my ground. The bear roared again and brought its heavy paw down with a terrible grace, and then I felt a white hot pain shriek through my jaw. I looked down and was surprised to see blood, bright against the snow, covering my hands and the ground. I turned away from the ferocious bear and limped to the rise where my two awestruck friends, Soleil and Iseult, were waiting.   I remember Soleil grabbing me and then the pain became too much, and I went spinning into darkness.                                                                                                                                                      I woke up on some sort of lumpy couch. I didn’t want to open my eyes to the sights and sounds outside of my head. But I did. I opened them a crack and was surprised to see about three people standing around me.
“Wolf! I was worried about you . . . Are you all right? My mother pestered.
“Yes, mum, I’m fine. Please . . . Don’t.” There was still a burning throb of pain running the length of the left side of my jawbone. I gingerly put my hand up to and winced. A gooey, oozing substance was stuck to my fingers. I think it was a mixture of blood and ointment.
“Can I go now?” I asked in a hopeful voice. I hated sitting still. A doctor entered the room. She had a kind face, with bright eyes and red lips.
“ . . . Wolf Caprice? That’s right, isn’t it?” I nodded.
“We just need to apply one more cream to your gash, then you can go. I’ll need you to come back . . .” She trailed of into more boring things, which I wasn’t listening to. My eyes were focused on a purple butterfly flittering around the window. It was a pretty butterfly, deep purple wings and specks of scarlet . . . Hold on, a butterfly in freezing temperatures?! Since when was that normal?

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I haven't been on for ages... And I haven't posted for ages...

I made up a new character! I'll put her OC down here.

Dawn Ryder


16 yrs old


Dawn has red hair that is down to her elbows, which she keeps tied messily in a bun on the top of her head. Her eyes are a sparkling emerald colour and seem to always follow you, even if her head is turned the other way. She wears a green shirt and black skinny jeans, as well as a purple coat with a furry hood. Her boots are knee high and lace-up, which annoys her every morning and night when she has to take them of or put them on. There is an ever-present hand gun at her waist.

Dawn is a quiet person, only speaking when she has to. But when she does speak, her words always say the truth, no matter what. It is impossible for her to lie. She doesn't really know anyone, as she moved to Australia about 6 months ago and  only knows the most basic English, so just about no one understands her Russian accent.

Dawn was born in Russia but her parents were Australian. She grew up in the north of Russia, so it was cold where she loved. But when Dawn was 13, her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the doctors said he only had a few weeks left to live. He died just before Dawn's  fourteenth birthday. After his funeral, Dawn had gone to the small church and prayed for him. But as she was praying a strange woman, she looked about 25, had tapped her on the shoulder and  gestured for Dawn to follow her. The woman led Dawn about a hundred meters west and then explained that she was Audrey Smilvic, a worker for the Polish sanctuary. Of course, Dawn had no idea what the sanctuary was but she trusted this lady. She didn't know why but her gut told her to. The woman had told her to go to Australia, and then she had disappeared in a cloud of dark shadowy things ( she was a necromancer). Dawn was completely astounded and had run home, quite scared, to find her mother packing a suitcase. Then she was told a grab her stuff and that they were leaving. So, two years later, Dawn ended up in Australia. She hadn't seen that Audrey woman again but she was sure that she would. Dawn learnt magic when she was fourteen, having discovered the sanctuary after Audrey left.

Dawn got a job at a warehouse that (legally) manufactured guns. This was how she got her hand gun. Also, her mother went slightly insane after the death of her father, so Dawn had to support her and her mother. She is asking the Australian sanctuary to let her have a job there and also let her have an English tutor to teach her to actually speak so people understand her.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

Well, yesterday I went and saw the Hunger Games and I really liked it. It was violent, suspenseful, engrossing and fun to watch. Plus, this is the first movie that nearly made me cry. *SPOILER* When Rue died, I was close to tears. But you knew it had to happen.

The camera movements sometimes annoyed me, as it was jolty and handheld most of the time, which made me feel a little sick, to be honest.
The story line was good, and mostly everything was the same as in the book, as there was no massive important chunks left out of the movie. But one problem- wasn't Rue supposed to give Katniss the mockingjay pin? I was confuzzled at that part.

Well, it was a good movie and I rate it 8.5/10. I loved it.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Stories and Stuff

I've been thinking...

I want to write a story.

But every time I try, it fails and turns out crappy. I never know what to write about.

I should just shut up, shouldn't I...

Well, bye!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Deep Poem

So, I had an idea for a poem and this may sound weird, but it was inspired by a Japanese name.

In the silence of the night

The Girl of Darkness ran

She flew and flee, away

from the death


horror of life. From

the battle and blood which

tormented her mind.

A raven cawed above her and

the Girl of Darkness screamed.

She screamed like a thousand children in pain,

like sword against sword.

The dawn pierced the sky

like a million drops of blood.

A new day was approaching.

This is the girl I  based the poem on. And by the way, I can draw better than this. This was just a quick sketch.

Do you like it?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some Photos and Brief Excitement


1-Brief excitement. Don't you think it's funny how when Derek posts something really exciting, we all talk about it for... the first page or so, then something completely different. I just thought i should say that because i thought of it while i was commenting on the new book 7 title. Anyways,

2-I got the latest sims 3 expansion pack today and i live it. I going to put some photos up of what it is. It's so fun!!!

And, that is all.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I worked out put photos on. Here a few funny ones. Say which ones your favourite in the comments.


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I changed the title!

I changed the title!

Also, if anyone knows how to put photos on the blog, please tell me. I don't know how!

Over and out.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I have a prologue!

Well, as i said, i have a prologue. Here it is!

In North America, a small, dirty, ragged man drops dead. Another classy businessman falls asleep in a meeting and never wakes up. And in a school on the other side of the country, a small child of only 8 years of age collapses and dies.

In a European bar, a newly wed woman dies of unknown circumstances. A politician falls of his chair in the middle of his speech. No one knows why.

A market stallholder in Beijing never gave back the change to his customer. He was left there for a week before anyone found him. By then, he was only dust.

A young man who was walking home to his hut in the Congo was lost and never found. He was presumed dead. And another tiny baby in Egypt died in her mother’s body.

A farmer in a ranch on the Australian outback herded his sheep one last time. The dingoes got him. A small boy in Sydney drowned. But he didn’t drown in water.

Then the world ended.

A New One... Just Maybe.

So i had an awesome idea for a book. I need to workshop a little, but i should get it. I want it to be a sort of mystery-scary-edge of your seat kinda book.,

And for the other story, well, I'm gonna scrap it. I mean, first attempt and all, but initially,  I don't want to carry on with it.

I wonder how you put photos on this....

Over and out!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A While...

The next chapter may take a while, as I'm busy and I need to plan more. Be patient, it will come eventually.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My First Story!

Well, my first story...

Chapter One: Unwanted Visitors

 Elyra skidded to a stop. The wall was too high to jump and she couldn’t blow it up. She would have to stand and fight, or hide. She thought about it. If she fought, she would stand the chance of losing. It would definitely make her look weak. But if she hid, that would make her look like a coward.
She only had about ten seconds to make her decision. Hide or fight? She could hear its footsteps. She dived behind a large industrial waste container and slowed her breathing down. It came into the dead end and looked around, its  body not moving, but its head turning 360 degrees on its neck. A long, flickering tongue slowly escaped its mouth and it hissed in frustration.
As long as she stayed still, it wouldn’t find her. (Salimos, as they were called, had no sense of smell. They hunted their prey purely by movement sense).  Its head rotated once more, and it turned and ran back the way it had come.

Elyra plonked herself down into an armchair and sighed. She was tired and weary after a long day of running from Salimo, climbing walls and arguing with officials. After about thirty seconds she dozed off.
Then the doorbell rang and she sat up, startled. As she started down the hall, she yelled
“At this time of night! What do you want! Go aw-”
 She opened the door and stopped midway in her sentence. Eight Salimos were staring at her. Their large, glassy black eyes seemed to say, “Don’t make a move or we’ll kill you”. She took two steps back and stumbled. She thought “Not again!” Now she turned and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She grabbed a bag and stuffed her special bulletproof clothes, a photo of her baby sister and a large pack of ammunition into it. Then she turned round and faced the Salimos.
“Not tonight, boys”.
Then she turned her hands into grenades and chucked four at the Salimos. She jumped through the window and ran like a cheetah into the woods. All this happened in about five seconds. She turned round to see her house blow up. Bits of wood, carpet and Salimo flew into the air. She ducked down and covered her head with her now-normal arms. After the shockwave flung her back a few metres, she got up and pulled of her pajamas, tugged on her bulletproof pants, sleeveless tunic and knee-length coat.
She turned her hands into small fireballs and burnt her pajamas. Leave no evidence, make no friend’s. That was her motto. Then she turned and ran about a kilometre. Luckily, she had suspected that someday she would need to blow up her house, so years before she built a small, one-room hut. As she approached
it she noticed that the trees had grown, obscuring the walls from view. Geez, she hadn’t been here in ages.
She came to the front door and scrambled around in all her pockets. Ah, here it is. She jammed the key into the keyhole and smiled. The door opened and she walked in. It smelt slightly… musty, and there was no firewood. But it was fine. She was a sorcerer, a mage, a magician. For some reason, she felt she could do anything. She had killed and escaped 9 Salimo in one day! She swept the dust out and lit a fire. She ate half of a chocolate bar that was in a pocket and then she had some well-earned sleep.

Hope you liked it!