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Friday, February 24, 2012

I have a prologue!

Well, as i said, i have a prologue. Here it is!

In North America, a small, dirty, ragged man drops dead. Another classy businessman falls asleep in a meeting and never wakes up. And in a school on the other side of the country, a small child of only 8 years of age collapses and dies.

In a European bar, a newly wed woman dies of unknown circumstances. A politician falls of his chair in the middle of his speech. No one knows why.

A market stallholder in Beijing never gave back the change to his customer. He was left there for a week before anyone found him. By then, he was only dust.

A young man who was walking home to his hut in the Congo was lost and never found. He was presumed dead. And another tiny baby in Egypt died in her mother’s body.

A farmer in a ranch on the Australian outback herded his sheep one last time. The dingoes got him. A small boy in Sydney drowned. But he didn’t drown in water.

Then the world ended.

A New One... Just Maybe.

So i had an awesome idea for a book. I need to workshop a little, but i should get it. I want it to be a sort of mystery-scary-edge of your seat kinda book.,

And for the other story, well, I'm gonna scrap it. I mean, first attempt and all, but initially,  I don't want to carry on with it.

I wonder how you put photos on this....

Over and out!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A While...

The next chapter may take a while, as I'm busy and I need to plan more. Be patient, it will come eventually.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My First Story!

Well, my first story...

Chapter One: Unwanted Visitors

 Elyra skidded to a stop. The wall was too high to jump and she couldn’t blow it up. She would have to stand and fight, or hide. She thought about it. If she fought, she would stand the chance of losing. It would definitely make her look weak. But if she hid, that would make her look like a coward.
She only had about ten seconds to make her decision. Hide or fight? She could hear its footsteps. She dived behind a large industrial waste container and slowed her breathing down. It came into the dead end and looked around, its  body not moving, but its head turning 360 degrees on its neck. A long, flickering tongue slowly escaped its mouth and it hissed in frustration.
As long as she stayed still, it wouldn’t find her. (Salimos, as they were called, had no sense of smell. They hunted their prey purely by movement sense).  Its head rotated once more, and it turned and ran back the way it had come.

Elyra plonked herself down into an armchair and sighed. She was tired and weary after a long day of running from Salimo, climbing walls and arguing with officials. After about thirty seconds she dozed off.
Then the doorbell rang and she sat up, startled. As she started down the hall, she yelled
“At this time of night! What do you want! Go aw-”
 She opened the door and stopped midway in her sentence. Eight Salimos were staring at her. Their large, glassy black eyes seemed to say, “Don’t make a move or we’ll kill you”. She took two steps back and stumbled. She thought “Not again!” Now she turned and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She grabbed a bag and stuffed her special bulletproof clothes, a photo of her baby sister and a large pack of ammunition into it. Then she turned round and faced the Salimos.
“Not tonight, boys”.
Then she turned her hands into grenades and chucked four at the Salimos. She jumped through the window and ran like a cheetah into the woods. All this happened in about five seconds. She turned round to see her house blow up. Bits of wood, carpet and Salimo flew into the air. She ducked down and covered her head with her now-normal arms. After the shockwave flung her back a few metres, she got up and pulled of her pajamas, tugged on her bulletproof pants, sleeveless tunic and knee-length coat.
She turned her hands into small fireballs and burnt her pajamas. Leave no evidence, make no friend’s. That was her motto. Then she turned and ran about a kilometre. Luckily, she had suspected that someday she would need to blow up her house, so years before she built a small, one-room hut. As she approached
it she noticed that the trees had grown, obscuring the walls from view. Geez, she hadn’t been here in ages.
She came to the front door and scrambled around in all her pockets. Ah, here it is. She jammed the key into the keyhole and smiled. The door opened and she walked in. It smelt slightly… musty, and there was no firewood. But it was fine. She was a sorcerer, a mage, a magician. For some reason, she felt she could do anything. She had killed and escaped 9 Salimo in one day! She swept the dust out and lit a fire. She ate half of a chocolate bar that was in a pocket and then she had some well-earned sleep.

Hope you liked it!