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Friday, February 24, 2012

I have a prologue!

Well, as i said, i have a prologue. Here it is!

In North America, a small, dirty, ragged man drops dead. Another classy businessman falls asleep in a meeting and never wakes up. And in a school on the other side of the country, a small child of only 8 years of age collapses and dies.

In a European bar, a newly wed woman dies of unknown circumstances. A politician falls of his chair in the middle of his speech. No one knows why.

A market stallholder in Beijing never gave back the change to his customer. He was left there for a week before anyone found him. By then, he was only dust.

A young man who was walking home to his hut in the Congo was lost and never found. He was presumed dead. And another tiny baby in Egypt died in her mother’s body.

A farmer in a ranch on the Australian outback herded his sheep one last time. The dingoes got him. A small boy in Sydney drowned. But he didn’t drown in water.

Then the world ended.

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