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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some Photos and Brief Excitement


1-Brief excitement. Don't you think it's funny how when Derek posts something really exciting, we all talk about it for... the first page or so, then something completely different. I just thought i should say that because i thought of it while i was commenting on the new book 7 title. Anyways,

2-I got the latest sims 3 expansion pack today and i live it. I going to put some photos up of what it is. It's so fun!!!

And, that is all.


  1. Hey, Jo, if you didn't already know yet...

    If you go to Derek's blog now, you will find that it is broken, for now, so we have another place for people to comment. Go to:

    If you come on today, this is where we are meeting. I'll come back to say if Derek's blog is working again.

    1. Derek's blog is now working again!!!! YAY!!!! I just checked twice! It works now! :O