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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I haven't been on for ages... And I haven't posted for ages...

I made up a new character! I'll put her OC down here.

Dawn Ryder


16 yrs old


Dawn has red hair that is down to her elbows, which she keeps tied messily in a bun on the top of her head. Her eyes are a sparkling emerald colour and seem to always follow you, even if her head is turned the other way. She wears a green shirt and black skinny jeans, as well as a purple coat with a furry hood. Her boots are knee high and lace-up, which annoys her every morning and night when she has to take them of or put them on. There is an ever-present hand gun at her waist.

Dawn is a quiet person, only speaking when she has to. But when she does speak, her words always say the truth, no matter what. It is impossible for her to lie. She doesn't really know anyone, as she moved to Australia about 6 months ago and  only knows the most basic English, so just about no one understands her Russian accent.

Dawn was born in Russia but her parents were Australian. She grew up in the north of Russia, so it was cold where she loved. But when Dawn was 13, her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the doctors said he only had a few weeks left to live. He died just before Dawn's  fourteenth birthday. After his funeral, Dawn had gone to the small church and prayed for him. But as she was praying a strange woman, she looked about 25, had tapped her on the shoulder and  gestured for Dawn to follow her. The woman led Dawn about a hundred meters west and then explained that she was Audrey Smilvic, a worker for the Polish sanctuary. Of course, Dawn had no idea what the sanctuary was but she trusted this lady. She didn't know why but her gut told her to. The woman had told her to go to Australia, and then she had disappeared in a cloud of dark shadowy things ( she was a necromancer). Dawn was completely astounded and had run home, quite scared, to find her mother packing a suitcase. Then she was told a grab her stuff and that they were leaving. So, two years later, Dawn ended up in Australia. She hadn't seen that Audrey woman again but she was sure that she would. Dawn learnt magic when she was fourteen, having discovered the sanctuary after Audrey left.

Dawn got a job at a warehouse that (legally) manufactured guns. This was how she got her hand gun. Also, her mother went slightly insane after the death of her father, so Dawn had to support her and her mother. She is asking the Australian sanctuary to let her have a job there and also let her have an English tutor to teach her to actually speak so people understand her.


  1. I like the character. Make a story. Every good character deserves a story.

    That doesnt mean the story has to be good. Just has to be a story. Check mine.

  2. Could you please fix the date? For some reason it annoys me

    and you need to write more stories, i like your ideas

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  4. I don't why the date isn't right. It's right on the settings and everything.